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Do You See Your Value?

Optimal Management

In today’s highly competitive and changing marketplace one needs to provide leading edge solutions or risk falling behind, losing market share, or having to provide their services at commodity prices. At Optimal Management, we call our leading edge solutions our OptiPlus© services. One of the tools that we create is the Value Wheel.

We create “win-win” programs for all of the stakeholders in your company: prospects and clients, professional staff, temps, temps to hire and perm candidates. We can customize similar graphics for use with your clients.

• Prospects and clients. Your professional staff brings you their dedication and skills. You provide them with a career and compensation of value for a “win-win” proposition with our marketing programs.

• Professional staff. Your professional staff brings you their staffing requirements and problems. You provide them with the people and solutions of value for a “win-win” employment relationship with our…

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Rolling out Roadmaps in a Startup

David Cummings on Startups

One of the more delicate, and demanding, documents in a startup is the product roadmap. After getting feedback followed by buy-in from the different constituents, it becomes time to rollout the roadmap to customers, team members, analysts, and prospects (some pre-sale engagements sell the vision of what’s to come in the product).

Here are some ideas for rolling out a roadmap:

  • An annual formal presentation on what to expect over the next 12 months at the user’s conference
  • A quarterly customer advisory council that meets via GoToMeeting and gets a private walk through as well as Q&A of the roadmap
  • A quarterly webinar for existing customers combined with a blog post summarizing what can be expected in the next three months
  • A monthly employee-only product show-and-tell that gives a preview of progress for each item on the roadmap

So much time goes into building and managing the product…

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