A Competitive Strategy and a Killer Marketing Plan are Not Enough

Dr Brian's SmartaMarketing Blog Number 1

Dr. Brian Monger

Good opportunities, a well conceived competitive strategy and a killer marketing plan are not in themselves enough.

What is required is action.

Results require action

What counts are results.  Results do not occur until something happens, until implementation takes place.  Plans don’t bring results by themselves and won’t work without commitment to success.

Marketing Implementation

Strategy formulation, marketing planning, programming, allocating, and budgeting all lead to marketing implementation. This is the execution phase which produces the actual results.  Poor implementation can ruin even the best strategies, plans, and programs.  The total purpose of all that goes before implementation is to ensure excellent execution.

Implementation means different things to different people in the organisation.  To the salesperson, it means going through all of the steps of the selling process, while to the national sales manager, it might mean reorganising the whole sales force.

Implementation is very people oriented. 

The results…

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