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As the local business market becomes more competitive, business owners need to find new ways to gain an edge on the competition. Increasing your online presence and online marketing efforts is an inexpensive and effective way to advertise your products and services as well as reach more potential customers. If your business is local, it’s important to know that getting your website optimized for local searches requires a different take on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here are some simple ways to optimize sites and content to attract local customers.

The most important thing to do is to list your business on as many online directories as possible. It’s as simple as logging into Google Places, Yahoo Local, and IncPages and walking through the verification steps which include a phone call or post card to verify your address. Business directories play a vital role towards any local SEO…

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Look around. Your customers are always carrying their mobile device, often times texting already inside your place of business. When your business launches a text message marketing program you tell patrons you understand their busy lifestyle and want to recognize them for their loyal patronage. You are also demonstrating a commitment to GO GREEN! What are you currently doing to keep the customers you have and drive re-visitation more often?

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Dr Susie Mitchell

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Wikipedia

One of my skills is  Time Management,  I hear over and over again “Susie you’re so could a time management, how do you fit it all in?” – I am good at time management but unlike other skills it is something we can all achieve and get better at if we recognise that our time management could be a problem in the first place!

Mark yourself out of 1-10 with the following (10 being outstanding, 1 not good)

Garden clock, get better at time management

How do you feel you manage Time in General?

How effective are you at Meeting Deadlines?

How easily are you distracted from Daily Tasks?

A low score will indicate that you can manage your time more effectively!!

Now ask yourself this question – what’s worth more…

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1.Give people something they wish they could make themselves but can’t. You have a unique set of skills. Own them!

2. Understand your brand: your brand is a genuine statement of who you are and what you make.

3. Make things for other people. Find people who inspire and challenge you to keep creating and making amazing things.

4. Experiment. Most will fail, but the ones that succeed will be completely amazing.

5. Don’t just sell things, excite customers. Turn customers into collectors.

6. Tell a story! Who are you? What is your shop all about? Why do you make that?

7. Only put forth quality. Think like an art director.

8. Make each “transaction” remarkable and memorable.

9. Be human and let shoppers enjoy buying from a unique, creative human.

10. Develop a support team.

11. Set your intentions rather than…

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B2B Marketplace - Guide & Research Centre

Promoting Your Business To Other Businesses: Some Effective StrategiesEven a layman will be able to tell you why business promotion is essential today. While most companies cater to the needs of end-users, there are many B2B companies too, which offers products & services which are targeted at other businesses. This write-up deals with some effective promotion strategies that can prove helpful to such B2B companies.

Some Effective Strategies To Promoting Your Business To Other Businesses

  • One foolproof way of promoting your business to other businesses is to advertise in business magazines. This way you can access the right target group who will be interested in your products/services. There are several choices available as far as print ad promotion is concerned, you can choose to advertise in an industry specific magazine, or just a local business magazine.
  • Another very effective strategy that you can utilize is to send promotional packages to businesses whom you are interested in dealing…

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Optimal Management

In this the second of a multipart series of posts following our initial discussion on “Why Small and Mid Sized Firms Grow”. Having been a senior executive from start-ups and large staffing companies to Fortune 500’s, I have seen the variety of things it takes to profitably grow. This conversation will deal with becoming a visible and respected leader of your organization.

There is a big difference in making placements and creating an organization that thrives. And being visible is important, for who wants to work for an absentee landlord? To overstate the case, as the old joke goes, 90% of success in life is just showing up. The truth is one leverages their ability by being and strong and effective leader. Having worked with hundreds of staffing companies over they year, we have only seen 2 that had the magical charismatic leader. One does not need to light…

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