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1.Give people something they wish they could make themselves but can’t. You have a unique set of skills. Own them!

2. Understand your brand: your brand is a genuine statement of who you are and what you make.

3. Make things for other people. Find people who inspire and challenge you to keep creating and making amazing things.

4. Experiment. Most will fail, but the ones that succeed will be completely amazing.

5. Don’t just sell things, excite customers. Turn customers into collectors.

6. Tell a story! Who are you? What is your shop all about? Why do you make that?

7. Only put forth quality. Think like an art director.

8. Make each “transaction” remarkable and memorable.

9. Be human and let shoppers enjoy buying from a unique, creative human.

10. Develop a support team.

11. Set your intentions rather than…

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